It was a beautiful warm summer day in Los Angeles, and the Warburton team was very excited to be back at their first cover photo shoot for the magazine since the COVID shut down. We were all very grateful to get back to work and thrilled to be on set with a true pioneer in Hollywood and life – Anne Heche.

photographer /
Juan Algarin
creative director / Derek Warburton
story / Robyn Newmark
fashion editors / Tiara Garland / Roza Sinasky
beauty director / Justin st Clair @ The Only Agency
using Charlotte Tilbury Beauty
hair stylist / Laura Rugetti @ The Only Agency
videographer / Griffin Nex
retoucher / Lidiia Berezhnaia
art director / Alexander Silkin

I have admired Anne for a long time, and I know that she has not only taken on some of the biggest challenges in life but has also faced some of the biggest critics in Hollywood. I was intrigued to see what Anne would be like in person – she did not disappoint.
When I first arrived, she was in her own clothes finishing up with hair and makeup. She greeted me with a warm smile and her signature raspy laugh!
When we started to shoot, what surprised me the most was how freely she moved her body. It was amazing to watch the shapes she was able to come up with. I have been a part of many cover shoots, but this was special. What she was giving to the camera was sheer raw expression. At one point, she whips her head wildly. My first thought was, “oh no, her hair,” but it didn’t matter. The shots were perfect. Anne kept taking us to the next level. She gave the camera raw, unabashed energy combined with total professionalism and an understanding of the camera and its angles. I was learning so much just by watching her. It took me back to my first professional photo shoot, where I was the subject. My hair and makeup were perfect. I had never seen my self so made up before. I felt beautiful until I stood in front of the camera. I’ll never forget how awkward I felt. I didn’t know what to do, where to look, how to move my arms or body. I was always an artist behind the camera, not in front. It was then I realized just how complicated modeling is and how much goes into getting a great shot. Watching Anne move in front of the camera was not only a delight to see but genuinely inspiring. We shoot many covers for Warburton, and Anne is a true master. I had never seen anyone so fully self-expressed. She was having fun, and that joy infected the entire set.

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I learned from Anne that if you want to be a world-famous actress and pioneer for human rights for more than three decades and a top cover model, you can’t hold back. I was eager to know more about her and get into our interview.

What is your favorite part about your appearance?

After all these years, I think that joy IS reflected from the inside out. I believe that if you are unkind, it catches up with you on your face at a certain age. Eventually, if you’re an asshole, you will wear that on your face, and no botox or creams can hide it.

Newmark: I love this answer. An inside approach to beauty is my first principal in creating beauty that lasts. How do you keep it going?

Anne: I stay in gratitude. I have had an incredible life, and I am blessed to have two beautiful and healthy sons and my chosen family. I am very grateful for the people in my life. I am also thankful for my age. There is freedom in age that makes me feel like nothing can scare me. Now I say, “bring it on” and smile.

Anne, You are a naturally gorgeous woman. What is your beauty philosophy?

Laugh a lot. Crying makes your eyes puffy. Seriously though, I do believe happiness comes from giving and receiving kindness, and that radiates true beauty.

Robyn: that’s a good one! Puffy eyes are hard to hide, and I could not agree more that kindness matters! How do you deal with Hollywood pressure to modify yourself?

I don’t rule out plastic surgery. Haven’t pulled that trigger yet. I think the most important thing is that I always feel and look like myself.

What’s your favorite beauty treatment?

The Korean Spa. There is always dead skin to shed. I could stay all day there relaxing. I’ve missed it very much during COVID, and I worry about all the women that worked at the spa. So many incomes lost with the spa not able to be open.

You have lived a bold life. What would you say to an up and comer in Hollywood who struggles with insecurity or finding their true self?

Risk is the key. Be yourself. Be brave. Also, the longer I have been in the business, the more I know that everyone pretends to know more than they do. So don’t be intimidated!

What would you say to your younger self now?

Hold on tight. It’s going to be a wild ride. I made decisions in my career that greatly impacted it. I would tell my younger self that you made the right call. I am proud that I took a stand early in my life for LGBTQ rights, and I would do it again, even knowing its consequences on my career.

Can you share with me one of your self-care rituals?

Dance with freedom, in private. I love music, and it’s my way to reenergize myself in my downtime.

Robyn: I think that might be your secret? When I watched you on the shoot, you had the vibe of someone who has really embodied themselves. What other rituals do you have to access personal freedom?

Anne: Well, for the big stuff, I will try to light a candle. I’ve lived enough life to know that the only way to get complete with something is to be done with something. Now I light a candle, make my peace, and let it go. Simple, but it works.

It was a real pleasure to get to know Anne Heche better. From her, we learn that to achieve beauty that lasts, we must break through to our authentic selves, be grateful and kind, have fun, and take risks. I like to take a piece of everyone with me, and I am leaving my experience with Anne newly inspired not ever to hold back.

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