Seems like in these gloomy 2020 days we could all use a little color! What better way to cheer up than adding some fun, vivid and eccentric pieces to our monochromatic fall wardrobe. Dana Werthiemer, the Tel Aviv based founder and designer behind the accessories brand Dana Daniela told us all about living with colors, how a stroll in Capri launched her career and how to stay true to your vision as an artist.

Designer: Dana Daniella @dana_daniela_official
Styling: Haya Vider @hayavider
Photos: Sasha Prilutsky @sashaprilutsky

What do you do?
I’m an accessory and costume designer. 

What’s your favorite thing about your profession ?
I love the exciting progress of creating a colorful world, full of vivid colors and different textures through which I show my inspiration and vision as an artist and designer. 

What is your favorite activity besides being creative?
Definitely cooking! I’m pretty sure that if I wasn’t an accessories designer I would be a chef with my own small and fun restaurant. 

How and why did you start your business?
It all started when I graduated from Shenkar College Of Engineering and Design, my graduation collection was very vivid, eclectic and eccentric and it got so many positive reviews from fashion insiders and industry professionals that it felt natural to start my own line with the same esthetic but maybe a little more wearable. 

Tell us about the process of designing your pieces and how it all took off for you. 
I started to design my own collection with just 4 styles of earrings for myself. 
My husband told me to wear them on our vacation to Capri and the reactions were amazing!! While strolling around one day, a boutique owner asked me if I wanted to sell in her store! I was thrilled and that’s how it all began! I gave her all 4 pairs and the week after she called me and asked “How fast can you make 20 another pairs”? I quickly flown home and made 20 pairs in two days and shipped them to the store. It was sold out in one week. And at that point I understood that I have to open my own business.

What is your favorite color combination?
It’s funny to say but I love all the colors in the same way, I love trying crazy color combinations, now I’m at the faze of trying gold with everything .

If we weren’t in a pandemic where would you be right now (this summer)?
I started manufacturing my second collection, earrings, headbands, scarfs and mini bags, and one day it stopped because of Covid. Like many others this year my plans slowed down but I am trying to keep positive and remain creative. 
In a Carova-Virus free world I would still be strolling around Capri.

What do you listen to when you create your jewelry
Usually I listen to deep house. It helps me focus.

What do you remember most from your childhood that affected your creative spirit?
Always creating. There are some drawings of  tigger and pooh still laying around the house. At the age of 12 my mom would take me to art stores and the things we bought transformed and became Unique.

‏Describe your style (personal and of your brand)
In two words: Polar opposite
In normal life the style is basic, classy and plain. My style is really a canvas to create ounto and fill with textures and colors of accessories and jewelry. But when it comes to the brand it’s as colorful and radiant as can be.

Give us a good beauty tip
Always wash your face and never go to bed angry.

‏What’s your favorite spot in your city?
Old Tel Aviv, it’s truly one of the world’s secret gems.

‏Name your dream person to wear your jewelry
Kendel Jenner and Pual Mccartney (yes I mean the lead singer of the greatest band in the word!)