Beauty guru Robyn Newmark & football legend Vernon Davis on football, dancing, health and happiness!

Robyn Newmark, Hollywood’s favorite beauty guru interviews treasured football hero and captivating Dancing with the Stars contestant, Vernon Davis. Vernon is as impressive at fashion as he is at football as he models effortlessly for us in a seriously stylish photoshoot. His infectious, positive personality and that signature smile light up the room! Here’s Robyn and Vernon on playing for his hometown, how he stays healthy and happy, Dancing with the Stars and his up-coming acting career. Watch this space!

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Juan Algarin
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Robyn: During your 2008 season with the 49ers, coach Singletary gave the famous, “I want winners” speech. How did that affect you and your teammates and your attitude going forward?

Vernon: Well, I think it was a time in my life where I was transitioning and trying to find my identity. And when you’re a young man growing up in this world, you have to go through struggles, and you have to fight through adversity to get to where you’re ultimately supposed to be. And I took that journey, and it was a great journey and I’m elated that I had the opportunity to experience that because it made me a better man, a better person, a better leader. And now I can sit here and say that I’m really grateful for all of the moments that I had in my life, especially that one.

Robyn: Awesome! That was definitely a big moment for you and for many I can imagine. So, you grew up in Washington DC and the last three years of your career, you actually went and played for your home team. How did that feel finishing the last three years in your hometown?

Vernon: It was great playing in my hometown. I grew up rooting for the Washington football team and now I had the opportunity to play for that team. I’m just taking it all in. And I’m just thankful that I had that experience with my family. Being able see my friends and just going back to Washington and being a part of the atmosphere. It was great.

Robyn: Amazing! I’m sure that feels good to close that loop; come full circle in your hometown. Being a beauty guru, I have to ask: what are some of your self-care rituals that you do to keep yourself healthy? What would you want to share with other young men and women out there?

Vernon: For me, it’s just making sure that I have all of the essentials. From just a sunblock to making sure that my skin is nice and healthy. I also use products such as fish oils and collagen to make sure that I’m always at my best. It’s imperative that you do that because we what we have in life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, right? And we have the rest of our lives to make sure that we do all that we can to remain healthy and look great.

Robyn: I completely agree. We have to take the inside out approach, right? If we want to have longevity and vitality. So, Vernon, after a long, tough career, what inspired you to join Dancing with the Stars?

Vernon: Well, they offered it to me six years ago and now I’m retired from football and I feel like I can put my all into it when it comes to dedication; just being motivated to go out and perform at my best. So now’s the time and I’m always willing to take on a challenge and its definitely been a challenge!

Robyn: So, being a year out of retirement, what life tips would you give your younger self?

Vernon: Being a year out of retirement? I would tell my younger self to make sure that I learn as much as I possibly can and make sure that I’m prepared. Prepared for any and everything. Be open to new experiences and treat everyone as you want to be treated.

Robyn: I love that. I really love that. And…so one last question. How did you spend your quarantine?

Vernon: My quarantine was spent filming movies! So… stay tuned!

Robyn: Great! Well it was a pleasure to cheer you on watching Dancing with the Stars and thank you for our interview Vernon, it’s been a pleasure to meet you.