Imagine if Cleopatra was alive today. What would she look like? What would she post on her social media? What would her beauty routine be? Don’t we all want to know! Bit until we do we have Gil Zohar to give us an idea. The Designer behind this unique Egyptian inspired brand is all about giving a modern twist to the mythological ancient stories. Starting off as large sculptures Zohar was making for major art galleries and fairs, with time these sculptures turned into beautiful handmade jewelry. Zohar’s collection is a combination of traditional goldsmith technics, meaningful mythical designs and high quality materials such as gold, silver and precious stones. We were lucky to visit the talented designer at her inspiring home and studio and get a glimpse of her new collection.

Designer: Gil Zohar @gilzoharart
Photos: Liya Geldman @liyageldman

What do you do?
Creates jewelry and sculptures born from the connection between the ancient world and the present.

What is your favorite thing about your profession?
To meet my clients and to find out that they are exactly the people that I imagine when I created the jewelry. Its like I have an imaginary filter that works alone and grasp my people. It moves me.

What is your favorite activity besides being creative?
I’m learning flamenco dancing. I adore flamenco for its strength and its nobility. There are 70 different styles of flamenco.. Its such an interesting mix of cultures and traditions and magnetic music that I can learn it for years.

How and why did you start your business?
I always felt a longing to Ancient Egypt. I have a full library of books on the subject, saw all the films, and flew around the world looking for exhibitions to quench my thirst. When I completed my Master’s Degree, I started an exciting ‘affair’ with my second love,fashion. Working with leading fashion magazines and TV shows, I became an expert in the field.. My Egyptian obsession lay in the dark, waiting for me to return. In my search for meaning and connection, In 2016, I finally started creating jewelry. I
found myself designing ancient artifacts. Remnants from a world long forgotten. Every ring conveyed a secret power; each bracelet carried secrets of old cultures. People around me were fascinated by these creations, and stories of Ancient Egypt came back to haunt me. At some point, it felt like I was reassembling a treasure. One that was scattered and lost many moons ago. At this point i began with sculptures and statues, and Ancient Egypt regained full possession over me. I left my work as a stylist and fashion journalist. I devoted my all to the art.

What do you remember most from your childhood that affected your creative spirit?
My first memory is from the age of 4. My mother, a doctor of Art History, was invited to lecture at the British Museum. I accompany her there, and we came across an Egyptian Art exhibition. To this day, my heart beats faster when I recall that significant moment, standing as if transfixed, gazing at a gargantuan mummy. I felt I was in the presence of something so familiar. In a way, it felt like being home.. And I was magnetized with no ability to move.

What is your favorite color combination?
Black and gold.

If we weren’t in a pandemic where would you be right now (this summer)?
Sunbathing for my enjoyment in Mykonos WITH MARGARITA IN MY HAND…

What do you listen to when you create your jewelry?
NICK CAVE in full volume.

Describe your style (personal and of your brand)…
For my personal style i love to mix between premium brands and street fashion. For example, chanel shoes, a gucci bag, shirt from zara and pants from cos. My brand is also a combination. Combination of historical features from the mediterranean region in anciant time along with contemporary fashion autistics. Something that is beyond time and always seems right beecause it is above temporary trends. My jewelry can match perfectly with dior evening gown or with jeans and a simply white tank top.

Give us a good beauty tip…
Even if you are dying of fatigue, do not give up on your beauty routine! Removing makeup and dirt before you go to bed is a must! You must be pure and clean before hitting that pillow!

Give us a good beauty tip…
Even if you are dying of fatigue, do not give up on your beauty routine! Removing makeup and dirt before you go to bed is a must! You must be pure and clean before hitting that pillow!

Name your dream person to wear your jewelry?
J.Lo, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Opra, Kim Kardashian, Michelle Obama, Gal Gadot, Angelina Jolie, Princesse Ranya.


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