If you know a thing or two about fashion and trends then you certainly know that sustainable fashion is where it is now. Many established brands and fast fashion chains understand that our planet needs help and if you are a smart consumer you also know that these days “Less is more”. Sustainable brands are taking a lead by using ethical materials and labor, using recycled materials and creating long lasting clothing. One of those designers is Oana Lupas Founder and Creative Director of BOL – Fashion Of Nature. We had the pleasure of chatting to The Romanian based Designer about ethical fashion, creativity and inspiration.

What do you do?
I am a fashion designer from Romania 🙂

What is your favorite thing about your profession?
My favorite thing about being a fashion designer is that I can create emotions and stories with my clothes.

What is your favorite activity besides being creative?
My favourite activity besides being creative is spending time with my dear husband and our dog (a French Bulldog) and travelling which is the most important source of my inspiration.

How and why did you start your business?
I started my business 12 years ago after I graduated from The University of Arts from Cluj Napoca. Back then there weren’t so many job opportunities,so it was the best way to start my journey through the fashion industry.It was pretty hard at the start of our business but I do not regret! Now I can create magic and stories with my clothes.

What is your favorite color combination?
Black and white, But I really love all the colours in the world.

If we weren’t in a pandemic where would you be right now (this summer)?
In New York.

What do you listen to when you create your designs?
It depends on the season, I had an obsession for Imagine Dragons, Jack Savoretti & Susane Sundfor.

What do you remember most from your childhood that affected your creative spirit?
Since I was little I found myself drawing whenever I felt like doing it or I was bored. That moments when I was drawing were like I was in another universe .It was quiet and peaceful and I loved that.

Describe your style (personal and of your brand)…
For my personal style I love to mix between premium brands and street fashion. For example, chanel shoes, a gucci bag, shirt from zara and pants from cos. My brand is also a combination. Combination of historical features from the mediterranean region in anciant time along with contemporary fashion autistics. Something that is beyond time and always seems right beecause it is above temporary trends. My jewelry can match perfectly with dior evening gown or with jeans and a simply white tank top.

Give us a good beauty tip…
Smile and drink water :))

What is your favorite spot in your city?
My atelier.

Name your dream person to wear your clothes?
Mara Rooney.