Hollywood beauty guru, Robyn Newmark, chats to Peta about working on Zoom, her friendship with Vernon Davis, advice for young dancers and much more…

photographer /
Juan Algarin
creative director / Derek Warburton
story / Robyn Newmark
fashion editors / Tiara Garland / Roza Sinasky
beauty director / Justin st Clair @ The Only Agency
art director / Alexander Silkin
retoucher / Lidiia Berezhnaia

Cover wardrobe credits
Dress (Sequin Halter Mini w/ Bow) by Cheng-Huai Chuang

Latin dancing champion, Broadway star, Hollywood actress and of course, sweeping us off our feet as the seasoned darling of Dancing with the Stars, Australian-raised Peta Murgatroyd has danced with some of the biggest celebrities on the planet.

We have watched Peta’s rise to fame, been awed by her stunning tangos and foxtrots, witnessed her fall in love and get married and now become a mother. She is a true talent and inspiration which is why I am so honored to have had a chance to sit with the dancer for an exclusive interview. Peta shares her feeling about Covid-19, her new life as a mother and what she does to keep herself healthy, happy and beautiful.

Robyn: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more people are working from home. How do you feel about having to manage everything online now?

Peta: Zoom is the way to go now. Companies are going to keep this, including “Dancing with the Stars”. We are doing all our wardrobe and creative meetings via zoom, and I think it’s really working great for everyone. It’s less time-consuming and more efficient. It’s amazing how you can still get the vibe across and get a lot of work done over video.

Robyn: I agree. There are a lot of things you can do just looking through the camera and I think it’s way more efficient and there are less people in transit and home with their families. How did you feel after your experience with Mr. Warburton? Your shoot came out amazing. How did it feel to do something totally different with high-fashion?

Peta: Wow! I had the best time. I felt like I was in my element and completely out of my element at the same time! Because in photo shoots for Dancing with the Stars, we have pointed toes and our hands on our hips and all the dance poses I’m familiar with. For high-fashion, I really had to change the way that my body looked and how I positioned myself. I love learning new things; and for me, that was a new way of moving I’d never done before. It took me some time to learn to change my body and get into the leg moves, slumping the shoulders and not standing perfectly straight. And there were a lot of chin and face angles which is new to me. I was so thrilled when asked to do this. I had a blast and am really pleased with the results.

Robyn: It came out great and it was so nice to have your partner Vernon Davis there. What’s that been like, working with him and being able to do some creative things outside of Dancing with the Stars. What’s your guys’ relationship like?

Peta: We have a great friendship! Him and I hit it off right away, which is always wonderful, to feel a kinship with your partner. He was kind and polite and positive from the moment we met. It really means a lot to me to me we did the cover for Warburton together. I don’t usually really do this with partners, but I felt it was important timing. A white girl from Australia next to a black man is hardly ever never seen and it is very timely for what’s happening right now in the world. I really hope we can get past our turmoil around skin color as a society. Until then, we can only lead by example.

Robyn: What advice would you give a young female professional who is struggling with self-image?

Peta: It’s very important to just stay true to yourself. That means you don’t have to change for anybody. Believe me, there’s people in Hollywood at every corner at every step in your career telling you to change things about yourself. Some things are valuable but sometimes you just have to say no if something goes against who you truly are.

Robyn: I love that. Yes, it’s true, people can relate to authenticity and it is more inspiring when someone is just really being themselves. I believe that always comes full circle. We grow up trying to change and be cool our whole life and then when we finally mature and realize the best parts of us were there all along. So, what’s your favorite dance that you do with your husband?

Peta: The Argentine tango would be my ultimate favorite dance. Anything tango related because it’s strong, it’s passionate and filled with fire, lust, love and all the good things that you want to do with your husband.

Robyn: Does your son know how to dance yet?

Peta: So, he is in his first class. They don’t do much dancing, mainly a lot of running around.

Robyn: I have had the privilege of treating your skin, so I know that you have experienced some pro-cell treatments with me. What are some of your other favorite beauty rituals that you do?

Peta: I’ve always been a believer in taking care of your skin. My mother taught me from a young age to moisturize daily. When I was in primary school, I would put so much moisturizer on I had a shiny face and some of the other kids would make fun of me or ask: “Why is your face so shiny?” “My mom told me to put moisturizer on,” I’d say. It was annoying then but now I do get compliments about my skin, so I guess it was all worth it!

Robyn: I love that your mother showed you your first beauty treatments. My mother passed on lots to me too. What self-care practices are you passing on to your son?

Peta: Well, he is still really young, but there are definitely things that we have to do every day like wash his face, brush his teeth, and moisturize his face morning and night. Also, I lather sunscreen on his beautiful crystal white skin. It’s so pure I’m petrified of him getting burnt. I also think it’s the little things that are important, like making his bed every day. I don’t make his bed for him!

Robyn: What is your favorite self-care ritual that you can’t live without?

Peta: I like to carve out even 5 minutes a day for meditation. I think it is very important for mental clarity and training you brain to not be so distracted. I feel guilty when I wake up first thing in the morning and grab my phone and start scrolling through Instagram. If I can, I try to take a few minutes to cross my legs, sit straight and breath. I set my tone and intentions for the day. If I do this, I feel like my day has started better rather than getting sucked into bad habits. Social media can distract you from things that are important. If you believe in prayer, then setting some time aside for this too can be helpful. Life can get so busy. It’s always good to slow down and check in.

Robyn: Yes Peta, setting a daily intention or prayer is a powerful tool! Thank you for sharing with us and we so look forward to seeing more from you.

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