Designer William Carbajal has found his calling during a global pandemic and created Horus4Men.

photographer /
Filbert Kung @filbert_kung
creative director / Derek Warburton @derekwarburton
model / Derek Pratt @derektpratt
art director / Alexander Silkin @alexander.silkin

Carbajal is a 30-year-old entrepreneur who has a flooring business partnering with the Home Depot; based in Seattle, Washington. He, like many lucky entrepreneurs in the home construction business, flourished when the lockdowns started happening. “I was so nervous,” says Carbajal of when the country went into lockdown from the pandemic, “I didn’t know if I could stay in business.”
Then, an incredible thing happened; his business exploded. Everyone was staying at home and needed projects. Five years ago, when he was 25, William started Horus4men. “I always wanted to be a designer. But I was young and didn’t have the skill set to keep it going. Then, I learned and became much better at the business side.” Now he has launched the second coming of his original label. “We completely rebranded and I wanted to diversify my business.”

I called the company Horus because the name symbolizes health, prosperity, and protection. After living through this pandemic. I wanted to keep that alive!

HORUS founder William Carbajal says.

Horus4men currently has three styles and six different designs and colors. The brand is clean yet stylish, sexy, and well fit. “I wanted all different types of men to be able to wear Horus,” says Carbajal. What does the future bring? “This spring we are adding swimwear, hats, and tees to the collection. It will be fresh and perfect for every man.” Horus4men is available online at You can follow the account on Instagram @horus4men.