Today the Mr. Warburton team goes to mysterious Japan visitng a very special guest. Her name is RHYME. She is an insanely talented rising star whose name you should definitely keep on your radar. RHYME is a poet, musician, performer, producer, figure skater, and model. In general, I think she is a “SUPERSTAR” and can do anything, Pre-Madonna alert, her middle name is Goldstar too…

/ Rhyme / @rhyme /
Photographer / Rob Perea / @whosrobp
Hairstyling & Styling / Jason Linkow / @jasonlinkow
Videographer / Alejandro Diaz
Color Grading / Max Golomidov
Story & Layouts / Alexander Silkin / @alexander.silkin

Showroom / Showroom Seven / @Showroomseven
Jewelry / Erickson Beamon / @Ericksonbeamon
Designers / Rich Fashion & Sienna Li / @richfashion & @siennali_official

Her music video “Fashion Blogger” got almost 3 million views on YouTube in a year and received two awards at the London Fashion Film Festival. She released this video as part of the RHYME SO project with her partner, DJ and renowned Japanese producer Shinichi Osawa. Her figure skating partner, MILK, the famous Drag Queen who is known from season 6 and All Stars 3 on RuPaul’s Drag Race, also took part in “Fashion Blogger”. We got to go behind the scenes during RHYME’s ice-skating practice session with Jason Linkow who dressed her up for some home VHS fun. We sat down opposite each other to poet all the details about her big upcoming release from Japan. This is an absolute exclusive and our viewers will be the first to see the amazing photos from this unique fashion shoot and will be able to see the video of the incomparable RHYME! So, strike a pose, let’s begin!

Hi, Rhyme! I am very happy to welcome you. We will have an unusual interview. You are definitely unique, that is why we decided that, your interview should also be special. We offered to give your answers in verses. We will be very happy about your poetic improvisation that your viewers and readers of your channel are so fond of. You’ve been living in Japan lately. Tell us about this unique country and has this become your home? It seems to me that such an unusual talent like you should live in such an unusual country like Japan!)

Japan is known for it’s rising sun
So to say hello, Mr.W,
I say konichiwa
Tokyo is where I am around, entering small doors from the underground
Streets nobody can simply navigate, that’s why I work the ice, please wait till I lace my skates.
I choose this place, or maybe it choose me, I wanna bend the rules of normality,
And represent Asia music from a different muse fusion.

I know that you write both words and music. What comes to you earlier? And tell me a little about how you write. What mood should you be in? Are you listening to certain music, or going to the beach to get some inspiration?

Now that you mention it, let’s ditch and go to the beach,
If the waves are really loud, nobody can hear us scream!
The theme usually comes first or instantly, but many sounds I have produced are still waiting around for harmony.
Everyday, I listen to music, it’s constant and I love it. Exploring new artists and their sound always inspires me, you see, there is no formula for the right song but the longing itself searching for the interpreted ‘right’ to write.

All moods are accepted,
but for RHYME SO project
I’m usually smiling or growling when I am recording, wait,
or with that ‘I told you so‘ resting face fate,

RHYME said.

What instruments do you play and which ones would you like to learn to play?

I can play Saxophone, both alto and Soprano,
My voices are expressing when I hit the keys of the piano.
Recently I am learning the Japanese instrument ‘Koto’
It’s like a singing harp, with a string heart.
My best programming happens on ableton, though
I wanna learn my voice instrument, still making it slow.

How would you like your music to affect people?

Something, just anything, whether it be totality of understanding or complete what the fuck?
As long as there is emotions affecting there, so much of recent pop music is auto tune boring.. yuck.
I like it when music stops you and get’s you saying or shazaming ‘what is this?’ ‘What she just said?’ ‘what are these sounds?’ ‘where am I again?’

You were a professional figure skater. What qualities from sports have influenced you and your creativity?

Figure Ice-skating waits for the music, it performs to the music so I learnt to stroke, jump, step and spin to the timing of the music.
Discipline, flexibility, improvisation, I learnt how to express my meaning through movement narration.

We were introduced to you by our mutual friend, a well-known New York hair stylist Jason Linkow, who worked with you on the gorgeous look for your new video. I really like it when performer talks about the team. Could you say a couple of lines about Shinichi, Jason, Rob, who helped you with creating this project? Maybe one-two definition words about each guy…

Jason is my fortune teller, he visions me before I arrive and when I do, he sees me dress up with hair up to the skies. Not only has Jason got the vision, he directs the discussions into authentic decisions.
Rob… bang bang he shot me down. Catching me when I balance.
Alejandro on the video camera, he woke up early with the stamina.
Shinichi, is SO my musical RHYME and I am his reason for all the studio time.
Mr. Warburton, well enough of these rhyme’s, you made me answer like this, who does that? All I can say is; fierce.

How to find a balance between beauty, meaning in music and trends?

Huuuuuuummmmmmmmmm, and Yoga.
Silent mode to hear the silence, which holds the meaning.
Trends… well I’m a sucker. Literally I suck at them. If I pretend…. I condescend.

Tell us about your new song, how was it born and why?

WATCH UR SELF, The new song by RHYME SO titled ‘Poseable’ will depart (next on the shelf) along with a very iconic Tokyo like music video… soon.
I’m not allowed to tell anymore, I will be kicked to the moon,


Which well-known and unknown people have influenced you and your art?

The ones we know, can go on for pages. Here’s a few, but literally it might take me ages; Madonna, Eminem, Marilyn Manson are my parents.
Maybe nobody un cool knows these women’s presences; DWARA, FIFI RONG and OVERJOY.

Tell us about one or a couple of moments of your absolute happiness?)

When I see a UFO I get really happy, literally they fly over my house, even sometimes when I am eating cranberries. Looking at nature, if we can remember, is like looking at a constant museum and art gallery, I barely go inside anymore when I hear the chirping canary. Of corse when I can entertain, like be on stage, they say my name. When I can make you laugh or cry, or put sleep lullaby. When nobody see’s me and I’m walking by. Purple and loud music is the absolute though. On ice I feel fruit-full.

We want to wish you great luck to you and your new project. You’re incredible! Thanks for the interview!

Thanks to you and everyone who stumbled on this page, so excited to show you all what’s in the gage, shit I can’t stop the poetry, I’m a politicians nightmare.
But it was fun and here’s a good way to finish it, watch my music video for Fashion Blogger if you haven’t already! Then go read the Desiderata or your favorite poet who got you through your school days.