Vanesio, is the perfect combination of unique artisanal craft and luxurious singularity.
Throughout history and around the world Italian Florentine artisans have delighted the greatest connoisseurs of fine jewelry.
Vanesio embodies quality and luxury, where every single jewel is carefully crafted every step of the way. From the creation of wax molds to the fusion of metal and rough refining, a true identity is comes to life. Not one piece is and will ever be the same; this is the promise of Vanesio.

Vanesio truly embodies the “Made in Italy” reflecting the brand’s luxury, aesthetics and designs. The three fundamental characteristics of fine Italian products.

VANESIO is a design firm with age old artisanal craftsmanship and technique, with a fresh modern twist.

Derek Warburton, Editor-In-Chief of Mr.Warburton, says.

Made of naturally precious materials, each piece of jewelry is an evolving work of art. Very particular in its composition, beauty over time anticipates its uniqueness forever.

I’m obsessed with the wild. I have decorated my home in Hollywood with lions and elephants. I’m thrilled that VANESIO has the same aesthetic.

Derek remarks.

I love VANESIO because they create statement pieces that you can wear everyday but still create a moment.

Derek Warburton.

For those who want to wear real jewelry.

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