The month of May has always brought about new energy and beginnings. Initially named after the Greek Goddess Maia she signalled a change in the world and this is what this month is about, shifting the way we react and think about everything that surrounds us. Enter – The Social Networth, a movement that features content creators who are using their platform to create visibility for noteworthy causes. It was founded and created by Jorge Perez of JP Reps and 

The movement’s capacity to reach millions has led to its main objective to be completed which has always been about transforming the conversation of service by enticing the new generation to be involved and give back to the community. This time, TSN chose to tackle the devastating impact of  MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and its effects on one’s health by aligning themselves with Nancy Davis’ Foundation #RACETOERASEMS.

Over the years, the mystery surrounding MS has always been in the shadows, according to research, it is a potentially disabling disease that affects two significant parts of the Central Nervous System. As the Founder of the Race to Erase MS Foundation, Nancy Davis has always made it her priority to find a cure for MS after being diagnosed at the age of 33, shortly after that she started the initiative to help fund treatments for MS.  This year she is pushing forward and changing lives by giving hope to those battling Multiple Sclerosis with the 29th Annual Race to Erase Gala on Friday, May 20, 2022. 

 In honor of the upcoming event, TSN and Mr Warburton Magazine decided to highlight 8 influential people of renown, all from different backgrounds who are raising awareness about MS research, and what can be done to find holistic approaches that will lead to an overall cure to treat the disabling disease for the future generations.

Siedah Garrett –  Grammy Nominated Singer and Composer for Michael Jackson
How have you been personally impacted by MS in your life?

“The initial impact that my MS diagnosis had on my life was severely life-altering. Before that day, I felt completely healthy and strong, never having experienced any type of serious illness before. After that fateful fall afternoon on, September 10, 2011, I returned home with an incurable disease. 

Though I had been experiencing intermittent, albeit more frequent unexplained numbness in my fingers, hands, arms, toes, feet, and legs, I truly didn’t think much of it beyond, maybe I slept wrong, or something. Nothing serious…. Until it was! That evening, at a Hollywood event, I was initially able to walk inside the building holding my husband’s hand, but by the end of the night, not only could I not walk out at all, but I also couldn’t stand up on my own or support my own body weight. My husband had to literally pick me up in his arms and physically carry me back to our car. Granted, it might sound romantic, but, in reality, it was scary as hell!.” 

Elena Pikor,  President of Seven Circles Group – Advisory services platform for companies and organisations.
How have you been personally impacted by MS in your life?

I met Nancy Davis 11 years ago through her son Jason Davis, who was my dear friend. I previously read an article about Nancy’s charity and asked Nancy if I could be a part of her team. That is how I started my journey with Race to Erase MS, learning from Nancy about this devastating disease. Later learning that my co-worker at that time, Alisa Kimble who was Miss California years ago had this disease but was too ashamed to share it at work. She was battling it for a few years before sharing it with me. I was happy to invite her to the event and she attended a Forum the next day to learn about the groundbreaking research and new medications that were on the market. Nancy Davis is doing the very heavy lifting to find a cure and make so many affected by this disease, live a normal life. 

Isabelle Rickel

Isabelle Rickel – Nancy Davis’s Daughter
What is the biggest lesson this experience has given you?

“This experience has made me grow in more ways than I thought was possible. My whole life I have had the best role model who has shown me that anything is possible. When my mother was diagnosed, there was no hope, no cure, and no medications, and she was told that this disease was gonna stop her life in lots of ways. However, she decided to look at her glass half full and instead of giving up and letting this disease take charge of her body, she fought back. Now there are 22 drugs on the market, an incredible team of doctors and scientists, and so much more support for this awful disease. If there was one lesson I have learned from watching her experience, it would be to never give up. “

Mariella Rickel

Mariella Rickel, Nancy Davis’s Daughter
What is the biggest lesson this experience has given you?

I would say just growing up in my mom’s shadow has always taught me manners and made me always feel more mature for my age. Also just seeing how much my mom has accomplished within her charity when she was told she couldn’t instil in me that I could do anything I put my mind to.

Lynn Palmer,  Interior Designer
What are some of the things that you think would really help end MS?

To continue to fund the groundbreaking research at the Center Without Walls, and to empower young scientists that have a new approach to finding a cure.

Laura McKenzie, Television Personality
What is the biggest lesson this experience has given you?

There are no guarantees for good health in your life.  Never take a healthy day for granted.

Teri Hausman

Teri Hausman, Beauty Now Podcast
How do you personally love to give back?
I personally love to give back by being a supportive ear to friends, family and strangers who have known of my father’s struggles to cure his own MS but. also to help Nancy Davis find a cure through her research.  Every little bit helps!   I  also try to personally give to people struggling and to help them find programs that can help.  Everyone can help by finding a great auction item or raising and donating for research. I personally try to do all of the above!  We need to help find wheelchairs, help and medications for those who can not afford them. We have also supported programs that can help but we really need to fund the studies that research new medications.  Nancy Davis is doing this and I know my support and my families help her to accomplish this.

Nancy Davis

 Nancy Davis, Founder of The Race To Erase MS Foundation
What are some of the things that you think the world should do differently moving forward since the pandemic?

“Our world should be kinder, patient and sensitive. We should work much harder to find cures for all diseases– not just MS, but addiction, mental health, and diabetes while also finding equitable ways for anyone suffering to be treated more equally and fairly. We should all practice peace and love every day.”

For more info on the Race to Erase MS Foundation, please visit.

Article Written By Cyan Leigh Dacasin
Editor in Chief: Derek Warburton

Photography: Grace Fries | Produced by: Jorge Perez