Story by Harold Mindel


Photography by Harold Mindel @harold_mindel /
Style by Yachi Gault @neko_babooshka
Hair and Makeup by Mako Iijima @makohairmakenyc
Retouching by Wojciech Cyganik @abuzzretouch
Model Eftagine Fevilein @eftagine
Agency New York Models @newyorkmodels /

Wardrobe credits

MCL Design @mcldesign |
Nazarene Amictus @nazareneamictus |
Jevon Terance @jevonterance |
Laruicci @laruicci |
Yachi Gault @neko_babooshka
ha | za | ma @ha_za_ma |
Ron Dyce @rondyce__ |
Sultry Affair @sultryaffairstyle
Dr. Martens @drmartensifficial |

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