A Visual Feast of Creativity, Queer Joy, and the Ever- Evolving Identity of Charles Jeffrey

by | Sep 7, 2023

Charles Jeffrey, a Scottish creative director and designer, embarked on a journey that would soon ignite the fashion world with his brand, Loverboy. From its humble origins in Charles’s East London bedroom, Loverboy has evolved into an international fashion powerhouse. Today, it is available in over 90 stores across the globe and boasts a dedicated team of artists who meticulously crafted each piece. Charles Jeffrey breathed life into a brand that is now a global phenomenon. He invented not just a clothing line; but an artistic manifesto, a declaration of identity, and an ode to self- expression in all its forms.

After five long years of pushing the boundaries further, drawing inspiration from art, music, and unconventional sources of queer joy, Charles Jeffrey has made a triumphant return to the fashion epicenter of the world – New York City. This eagerly awaited visit comes accompanied by a vibrant film that pays homage to the ever- changing essence of creativity.

This visual extravaganza includes Jeffrey’s unique installation at Dover Street Market NY, where he explores the fusion of art and fashion. The film takes us on a journey through famous landmarks and intimate conversations with notable talents in the industry. These luminaries include Kid Super, Joey Labeija, Duckie Brown, Angelica Davinci, and Niko Haagenson. In these heartfelt dialogues, they delve deep into their love for the city’s signature style, nightlife, iconic fashion, and polymathic art, thereby defining what self-expression means to New York’s visionaries.

Co-directed by the talented contemporary artist Talus Andolsek, the film follows Jeffrey through vibrant hotspots from uptown Williamsburg to the bustling heart of the Bronx, and an unforgettable, cheeky stopover at the iconic Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island.

Join Charles Jeffrey on this unique journey as he tells us the love story between an artist and his craft, between a brand and its audience, between a dreamer and the world. In the process, he unveils layers of his own evolving identity, offering viewers a glimpse into the mind of a true fashion maverick.

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