Andrew Gn’s FW 2022’s Colorful Homage to Home

by | Mar 25, 2022

Most expats know that as much as you try, you can never fully immerse yourself into another culture completely. Take for instance, Andrew Gn, upon his move to France — he stayed true to his roots while also adapting the French Joie de Vivre which led to this amalgation of a collection that paid tribute to his Singaporean home and his 30th year in the promised land that he calls .

From the idea of cross-pollination—the creative mash-up of cultures and traditions—Gn drew inspiration for a collection that also marks his 30th year in France. With this creative mash up of ideas, Gn created a collection that meshed Singaporean Kaisu and à la française.

Taking inspiration from his mother, the designer remembered how his mother used to take silk from Japanese Obis to make a Singaporean National Costume or batik “My family history is all about cross pollination; they brought things with them and transformed them,” he said.

Article Written By Patriciz Afzal | Fashion Editor