Apply Foundation with a Natural Sea Sponge: Does it Work?

by | Sep 15, 2022

Sea sponges are getting popular because of their countless health and environmental benefits. These sponges are completely natural and do not contain any toxic chemicals. To your surprise now sea sponges are used as a makeup tool. You must add cosmetic sponges to your makeup kit as these sponges are very helpful. If you want your makeup to be flawless then a natural sea sponge is perfect for you. There are many benefits of using natural sea sponges instead of typical sponges for makeup.

How It Creates An Even Complexion?

One of the most prominent benefits of using sea sponges is that it gives an even complexion by hiding any kind of dark spots, redness, and blemishes. But there is a proper technique to use a sea sponge to get the best results. Here are a few tips to use a sea sponge for face.

Prepare Your Skin

Cleaning your skin before applying makeup is an important step. First, cleanse your face and then wash it in warm water. Then gently pat your face with a towel to dry it. Applying toner to balance the skin after drying the skin is also helpful. After that apply a good moisturizer to your face. This way the foundation will blend evenly.

Now apply primer to your skin. Take pea-size primer and spread it evenly on your face. Apply it to your face by massaging in a circular motion. Now, wait for 3 to 4 minutes and let the primer get dry.

Wet The Sponge

Wet the sea sponge before using it. Now squeeze the sponge tightly so that there is no excessive water left in the sponge. When the sponge is just damp then it is best to use to apply the foundation. A damp sponge does not absorb extra foundation and helps in giving an even skin tone after applying the foundation.

Apply Foundation

Now take a dime-sized amount of foundation on your hand. Then dip the sponge in the foundation and then apply it to your face. First, start with a small amount of foundation so that you get used to applying foundation with a sponge.

Blend The Foundation

Instead of rubbing the sponge on your face apply foundation by dabbing the sponge on the face. Apply foundation first in the center of your face then move towards your hairline. Now blend the foundation until it looks completely even on your skin. When applying to the jawline and neck make sure make there is a small amount of foundation on the sponge to get an even tone. Let your foundation rest for 2 to 3 minutes then apply any other makeup product.

Store The Sponge Carefully

After using the sponge it is very important to wash it carefully. Wash the sponge first with warm water and cleanse it with mild soap to remove the foundation from the sponge. Then roll the sponge on a clean towel to remove the extra moisture. Make sure the sponge gets completed before the next use. Let it air dry for some after washing it.

Benefits Of Using A Sea Sponge To Apply Foundation

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Sea sponges can be used for multiple purposes in makeup like for applying blush, eyeshadow, powder, and primer. Here are some benefits of using a sea sponge to apply foundation.

Gives you a Seamless Finish

Sea sponges for the face is perfect to apply a perfect foundation. It gives a seamless finish and gives a completely natural look to your foundation. The sponge is soft and flexible which helps in blending the foundation into the natural curves of your face. The soft sponge helps you to blend any kind of foundation perfectly and gives you any kind of coverage that you want.

Blend Easier than Brush

Applying foundation with a sponge is way better and easier than applying it with a brush. First of all, it is difficult to find the right brush to apply the foundation. Then blending the foundation evenly with a brush is quite difficult and you might not get an even tone. Another drawback of using a brush is that it is not as flexible as the sea sponge so it is difficult to apply foundation to all areas evenly.

Mix The Colors Quickly With No Graphic Lines

Want your makeup to be flawless without any graphic lines? Then this is when a sea sponge comes in handy as a great makeup applicator. It blends the foundation perfectly as well as the other products. Want to do some contouring after applying the blush? Sea sponges will help you pinpoint makeup without moving any other product. On the other hand, the brush drags other products with it which is not a good thing to do if you want to make some changes in the end. It will mess things up in the end.

Gives You A Luxurious Feel

A sea sponge not only gives flawless makeup but also gives a luxurious feel to your makeup. Usually, damp sea sponges are used to blend the foundation since the dampness of the sponges gives a dewy and luminous look to your makeup. It gives you a non-cakey foundation due to the moisture in the blender. It gives your makeup a more smooth look by filling the pores perfectly. Sea sponges will give a professional look to your makeup.

Helps Your Make Up to Last Longer

Sea sponges help the makeup blend perfectly instead of sitting on top of the skin. This way it gives a completely natural look to your makeup and makes your makeup last longer. Each makeup product is well blended and applied smoothly so there are fewer chances of makeup getting dull or cakey after some time. Have flawless makeup throughout the day by simply switching your makeup brushes with the natural sponge.

Comparing A Natural Sea Sponge to a Beauty Blender: A Healthy Alternative

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Natural sea sponges are better than beauty blenders in many ways. They become very soft after you wet them which makes it very easy to apply foundation. On the other hand beauty blenders when you douse them increase in size and become a bit hard. beauty blenders give a matte look to your foundation while sea sponges give dewy look to your foundation.

It is easy to apply foundation in tiny corners like the nose and eyes with sea sponges. Beauty blenders absorb excess water while sea sponges do not absorb as much. If you are looking for a natural, more convenient, and affordable foundation blender then sea sponge is the best option.

They Just Work as Good As a Beauty Blenders

  • It’s a durable sponge, which is easy to use, store and clean.
  • Eco-friendly, organic and healthy alternatives and most importantly they work as good as a beauty blender.
  • From applying foundation to contouring and highlighting, you can use it for multiple purposes. This makes it versatile and effective.
  • Skin-sensitive people can use it because of its soft, gentle materials.

Wrapping It Up

It is always a good option to prefer a natural product over a synthetic product. These sea sponges are better than other costly synthetic blenders in many ways. Make sure to invest in a good quality sea sponge if you want it to last longer. Keeping the sea sponge with proper care is important otherwise it will be a new home for bacteria.

Article by Cassie Fox