Eclipsing the Empire: Byblos’ Cinematic Triumph in the Heart of NYC

by | Sep 12, 2023

Byblos, the legendary fashion brand, has added another illustrious feather to its cap with a resounding victory in the “BEST FASHION” category at the highly coveted New York City International Fashion Film Festival (NYCIFFF) 2023. This remarkable achievement solidifies Byblos’ status as a global trendsetter, where fashion and cinematic art seamlessly intersects. The mastermind behind this cinematic triumph is none other than the brilliant Creative Director, Manuel Facchini, whose visionary genius has woven magic into every frame of the captivating fashion film that unveiled the collection.

Manuel Facchini’s creative prowess shone brightly as he selected a futuristic and plastic architectural backdrop, featuring modular structures that provided a striking canvas for the collection’s vibrant colors and Byblos’ iconic geometric yet sinuous cuts. Merging the realms of fashion and cinematic storytelling, Facchini’s avant-garde vision has garnered widespread acclaim, resulting in a staggering five nominations:



















The grand NYCIFFF Awards Ceremony unfolded in the heart of the Big Apple on September 7, 2023, where Byblos stood in the spotlight as the recipient of the prestigious “BEST FASHION” award.

For the victorious collection, Manuel Facchini delved into the profound symbolism of the DNA of life, where the uniqueness of each individual existence originates. The collection masterfully showcased the spiral of DNA, weaving a narrative of vitality and dynamism through a mesmerizing spectrum of colors, ranging from the serene Wimbledon green to the fiery orange, transitioning to the electric fuchsia, and culminating in the passionate scarlet red and the enigmatic deep black.

Among the stalwarts of the Italian fashion scene, Byblos’ triumph and Manuel Facchini’s victory in the “BEST FASHION” category stand as a testament to their trailblazing spirit and unwavering dedication to creativity and excellence.

Byblos’ journey continues to dazzle the fashion world, bridging the gap between fashion and film with style, innovation, and a boundless passion for artistic expression. As the brand forges ahead, we eagerly anticipate what cinematic marvels and sartorial wonders Byblos and Manuel Facchini will unveil in the future, pushing the boundaries of creativity and redefining the language of fashion.

Embark on a transcendent journey into the harmonious fusion of fashion and architecture as orchestrated by the visionary Facchini. Experience the celebrated fashion film for yourself by simply clicking the link below, and allow yourself to be transported to a realm where sartorial elegance meets architectural splendor.

Body Of Work

Body Of Work

Credits: Photography: Rowan Daly Model: JJ Ntshaykolo