Elevate Your Outdoor Oasis with Tidelli’s Artistic Masterpieces

by | Oct 7, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of design, there exists a place where artistry meets functionality, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and where outdoor spaces are transformed into sanctuaries of luxury and elegance. This place is none other than Tidelli, the Brazilian furniture brand that has been creating a buzz amongst living-space-designers, architects, and art collectors. With over three decades of experience in crafting outdoor masterpieces, Tidelli is ready to make its mark on the American market, and it’s doing so in a truly remarkable way.


Macrame hammock and lounge chairs.

A Legacy of Innovation

Founded in 1989 by Tatiana Mandelli, Tidelli has been a mainstay in the Brazilian market, revolutionizing outdoor living with its colorful and contemporary designs. Tatiana, who worked and learned from her mother who is in landscape design, saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between comfort, quality, and design aesthetic in the world of outdoor furniture. She founded Tidelli with a vision to create unique pieces without compromising comfort and utility; but also, to give back to her country through job creation and sustainability initiatives.


The ladies at Tidelli Institute showing their intricately handmaid art from rope materials. (Image courtesy of Instituto Tidelli)

“ I wanted to not only create better, more beautiful pieces that were of higher quality, but
also give back to my country by way of job creation and the sustainability and philanthropy initiatives we have ingrained into our company ethos.”

Tatiana Mandelli

A Tidelli masterpiece is hand made.

Tidelli’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere words. All their pieces are handcrafted in their own factory in Salvador, Bahia, strategically located in an area of low-income communities to generate job opportunities for the locals. Today, Tidelli employs 500 people on-site, and through their nonprofit organization, the Tidelli Institute, they are not only teaching valuable skills but also nurturing entrepreneurship within their community. It’s a true embodiment of giving people the tools to succeed rather than just handouts.

Customization Meets Artistry

What sets Tidelli apart is their unwavering commitment to customization. With over 50 aluminum frame colors, 70 rope pattern variations, and hundreds of fabric options, every Tidelli piece can be specially tailored to meet the desires and personalities of its owners. While other manufacturers might use standard rope for their creations, Tidelli crafts their own, with the capacity to blend up to 16 base colors, allowing for unparalleled creative freedom and quality.


The Artists of Tidelli

One of the most exciting aspects of Tidelli’s journey is their collaborations with world-renowned artists. Their partnerships have resulted in collections that are nothing short of spectacular.

Sami Hayek‘s Veracruz Collection is a testament of timeless elegance. This collaboration with Tidelli brings a blend of style and comfort to any outdoor space. With exquisite handwoven details and a rich color palette, this collection transforms your outdoor haven into a sanctuary of luxury and sophistication.

Sami Hayek‘s Veracruz collection.

Solana Marianelli’s Carmel Collection brings an experience of modern minimalism and connection to nature. This collaboration exudes simplicity and functionality with clean lines and a focus on sustainable materials, making your outdoor space an embodiment of contemporary elegance.


Solana Marianelli’s Carmel Collection

Matteo Cibic‘s Vimare Collection brings people to a whimsical journey inspired by travel and the vibrant spirit of Brazil. Each piece from this collaboration is a work of art that ignites joy and wonder in each outdoor sanctuary.

A World of Possibilities

Tidelli’s portfolio includes over 300 items, ranging from chairs and chaise lounges to lighting fixtures and planters. The vast variety of products allows customers to create a “Tidelli complete look,” curating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in their outdoor spaces.


Luciano Mandelli’s outdoor designs

Best-selling collections like Sugarloaf, Mesh, and Painho have captivated the hearts of design enthusiasts worldwide. Additionally, Tidelli boasts Hawaii-inspired Kauai, designed by Luciano Mandelli, and Pendulo, a luxurious pendulum swing wrapped in nautical rope designed by world-renowned artist and architect Ruy Ohtake.

Tidelli Outdoor Furniture is not just a brand; it’s a testament to the enduring allure of outdoor elegance and innovation. With its commitment to artistry, sustainability, and community, Tidelli is set to redefine outdoor living in the United States. So, whether you’re a designer, an art lover, or an interior design enthusiast, get ready to elevate your outdoor oasis with Tidelli—the brand where art and design unite to transform your world.