Ludovica Virga’s House of Mua Mua Stands Tall in 2022 with Its Fierce Attitude

by | Aug 17, 2023

The House of Mua Mua evolved since its inception in Dubai back in 2016, starting off with a nudge from the Late Karl Lagerfeld with an exchange that ultimately launched the House’s first runway show. Head designer and founder Ludovica always believed that life should be a fun and light journey with others through the spark of creativity. Non-conforming and against all odds, the motto for this designer has always been ” I don’t give a chic,” and it shows throughout the House’s eye-catching collection. Mr Warburton Magazine sits down with Ludovica Virga, as we talk fashion, life, and creativity

Mr Warburton: Does the Brand name House of Mua Mua mean anything? Ludovica Virga: Mua Mua means “kiss kiss” and it is the imaginary name I gave to my little tribe of crochet dolls, that goes with every piece we sell. Those are good luck charms and my personal version of the Oompa lumpas.

Shot By Sara Fileti

Obviously, I have Karletto, Coco, Donatella, Anna etc.  They are the Mua Muas, cute monsters that eat bad vibes turning it into love. They catch any bad luck if is spinning around you. The Mua Mua dolls are hand crocheted in Bali, Indonesia. Even though the brand evolved, I did not want to leave them behind, so I brought the name to “ House of Mua Mua “ that makes it feel more couture, but it’s also an inside joke for us, that the couture house is for little crochet monsters. Mr Warburton: What type of people do you want the House of Muamua clothes to wear? Ludovica Virga: If you see our runway shows, I am pretty sure that the audience would pick up on the fact that I like all sorts of people and that my pieces hope to embody each person’s happiness, strength, confidence, and unique attributes that make them fun and dance all night in Mua Mua. Mr Warburton: where do you always get your design ideas?? There is not one place, we have the planet and humanity’s creative nuances. It can be graffiti and an art show, or even a joke my friend would say, Life is a rainbow, it has so many variations to take inspiration from.

Shot by Sara Fileti

Mr Warburton: Every season the House of Mua Mua has a funny connotation or slogan. ( I’m the GIN in your Tonic.  I was young I needed the money. I don’t give a chic)  Which one is new this year? Ludovica Virga: This year My favourite is: Sorry If I look interested, I AM NOT…Is fun/mean. “Someone who can be like this is empowering without being too serious. Because a Mua Mua girl is already cool and she can have the luxury of being fun about stuff. Mr Warburton Magazine: Please tell us about the concept of the house of Mua Mua in 2022? Ludovica Virga: I think it is about the love for life and everything above.  True happiness, by being united in diversity and also the mood is — The party season is b*ck bitches.

Article Edited by Cyan Dacasin | Managing Editor

Stylist – Yachi Gault ( @neko_babooshka)  Hair –    Mako iijima (@makohairmakenyc) Make up – Emi Koizumi (