NEW MUSIC FRIDAY:  Jessica Carter Altman Continues to Inspire through Song

by | Jun 23, 2023

Jessica Carter Altman, a multi-talented musician and storyteller, is captivating audiences once again with her latest single, “Pieces.” Following the success of her 2022 EP, “For You,” Jessica’s new song marks the beginning of her debut album, set to release in Fall 2023. Teaming up with seasoned collaborators, she aims to blend her signature lyricism with new sonic elements, creating a soundscape that is both familiar and exciting for her listeners.

“Pieces” encapsulates Jessica’s journey of picking up the fragments of her life and moving forward after experiencing loss. The song embodies emotional depth intertwined with elaborate production, reflecting her profound desire to inspire and bring hope to those going through challenging times.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Jessica explains, “I wanted to create a song that explores how to navigate life after significant changes. Whether it’s recovering from a breakup or simply going through a tough period, ‘Pieces’ is about gathering your thoughts, motivating yourself, and forging ahead. We often waste time dwelling on things we no longer have or cannot change. This song is an anthem that encourages us to keep going, reminding us that there are still wonderful things awaiting us.”

Jessica’s commitment to expressing her truth through music is evident in her previous release, “For You.” The EP served as a cathartic outlet for her grief following the passing of her father, and it showcased her ability to process complex emotions through her music. Her talent and dedication have earned her recognition from renowned publications such as PEOPLE magazine, where she was featured as a “One to Watch,” as well as coverage from Page Six, Time Out, NY Post, and Entertainment Tonight’s “New Music Friday.” Her songs have also been featured in prominent playlists like Apple Music’s “New In Singer-Songwriter” and “Breaking Singer-Songwriter,” as well as Pandora’s “New Tunesmiths and Troubadours” playlist.

Born and raised in Potomac, Maryland, Jessica grew up in a supportive family environment. Her mother, the legendary Lynda Carter, instilled a strong sense of self, while her father, Robert A. Altman, fostered a passion for law and philanthropy. Immersed in creativity and a desire to serve others, Jessica followed in her father’s footsteps, pursuing a career in law after graduating from the University of Michigan Law School. However, in 2020, she realized that her words woven together in song had a more profound impact, leading her to shift gears and fully embrace her music career.

Understanding Jessica’s childhood passion for music helps contextualize her journey and decision to pursue music wholeheartedly despite her deep respect for the legal profession. She fondly recalls listening to a wide range of musical influences, from popular bands of the 90s to artists like Nina Simone, Etta James, The Rolling Stones, Mary Chapin-Carpenter, and Trisha Yearwood. Drawing from an eclectic catalog, Jessica’s music is shaped by the likes of Billie Holliday, Amy Winehouse, and Boygenius, among others.

Jessica’s music delves into the depths of human emotions, often tackling difficult subjects, but it does so with a warmth that invites listeners to confront these emotions alongside her. Her songs create an intimate space where she connects with her audience, bridging the gap between artistry and humanity. Through her music, Jessica resonates with the multifaceted layers of human existence, inviting listeners to embrace their own vulnerabilities and experiences.

With the release of “Pieces,” Jessica Carter Altman continues to showcase her prowess as a musician and storyteller. As anticipation builds for her upcoming debut album, listeners can expect an immersive and captivating experience that weaves together raw emotions, captivating lyrics, and innovative soundscapes.

You can find Jessica hitting the stage at DROM NYC on July 26th. For more information click  here, and be sure to follow  @Jessica.carter.altman to keep up with her musical journey.


Photos in Black and white: Max Botticelli 

Photos in Color:  Sophia Matinazad