Re-imagine Beauty with the Breakthrough Science of Klotho Skin

by | Dec 19, 2022

While it may seem that there is always a beauty treatment labeled the newest trend, remember that these fads can come and go. But Klotho Skin is changing all that by making waves with groundbreaking science in the form of age-defying skincare. 

L- Cellular Eye Serum, $150 | R – Cellular Face Serum $250

For over 20 years, Dr Gail Humble and the team at Klotho Skin have been studying the regenerative properties of the Klotho gene for implementation in skin care products. With this being the brand’s primary goal, the first line of approach for Dr Gail Humble is working alongside the age suppressor gene, Klotho and second-generation growth factors.

As an esteemed fellow of the Aesthetic Anti-Aging Congress and a board member of the American Board of Laser Medicine and Surgery, Dr. Humble sought to commit herself to the art and science of aesthetic medicine. She works exclusively on non-surgical procedures to enhance, mold, shape, and improve the face and body.  

Dr Gail Humble, Founder of Klotho Skin

Her fundamental belief is that beauty is a powerful reflection of people inside themselves, especially when combined with proven scientific results, which is the philosophy behind Klotho Skin. 

Discovered in 1997, the Japanese group Kurosu et al. identified it as the Klotho gene. Since then, it became recognized as a critical player that integrates a multi-step regulatory system of calcium metabolism and phosphate homeostasis.

For Dr Humble, using Klotho in recent studies proved that as an age suppressant, life expectancy could be extended up to 20% -30%. 

 After three months of clinical studies, patients saw a 33% reduction in wrinkles and 30% less in photodamage and texture. This further demonstrates the power of Klotho Skin to be the first skincare brand that fully functions as a preventative, protective, and restorative regime for its users.

As a result, Klotho Skin’s patented formula is making waves amongst consumers with the use of liposome technology, “We collected a cell-conditioned medium, making up 25% of our face serum and 15% of our eye serum. So, what you are seeing is the results,” she says. 

The result is a product so in demand that it nearly sells out the moment it is placed on the shelves to consumers at selected medical offices. Like the Fountain of Youth, Klotho Skin produces a desirable look that is scientifically proven to improve and resurface the human face. 

On top of that, Klotho Skin was named by New You Magazine as the 2022 Beauty Innovations winner, an outstanding achievement that showcased the company’s dedication to life-changing skincare. 

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Article by: Robyn Newmark | Edited by: Cyan Leigh Dacasin

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