Stay In The Land Of Smiles With Hotel Clover

by | Sep 7, 2022

In the Land of Smiles, there is nothing but the thrill of excitement exuding through the air the moment you step out of Suvarnabhumi Airport when you realize that you are stepping into the Venice of The East.

Bangkok is legendary for its odd combination of style, temples, modernity, and carnivalesque nightlife scene.

Located in the middle of Asoke, one of Bangkok’s busiest significant epicenters tucked away in an unassuming corner on Sukhumvit Boulevard is Hotel Clover, a boutique hotel brand from Singapore.

Asoke District embodies a perfect clash between modernity, fashion, and youth. A message that Hotel Clover understood in unison with their brand. Known for its unique design concepts across Singapore – the brand’s Bangkok branch nailed the message “Simplicity in Luxury” and combined it with its special mantra – “Be Stylish, Stay Stylish.”

As the next-door neighbor of the Exchange Tower, an art-deco style building home to several corporate offices, Hotel Clover’s location is a stone’s throw away from Terminal 21 and BTS ( Bangkok Train System, sidenote it’s not the famous Korean boy band.

With its artsy and colorful interiors of blue, purple, and other contrasting patterns, the hotel gives off a warm and welcoming vibe which is especially needed after a long trip and further enhanced by the staff’s warmth and hospitality.
Being one of Singapore’s brand name hotels, Hotel Clover stayed true to its roots while being authentically Thai with famous hospitality and delicious dishes such as the Som Tam and duck noodle set.

Since Thailand is known for its reputation as the gateway for first-time travelers from all parts of the world, the hotel group meets the demand by creating a unique set of accommodations that play a specific role and benefits the brand’s overall reputation. One of their amenities is the ladies’ floor, a particular set of rooms accommodating the discerning ladies who love to travel all year around.

Ladies Room

According to the hotel’s country manager, Jirapa, ” The hotel is making a mark on its own by providing a welcoming environment that resonates with how we treat our staff and guests.” She further reiterates this by speaking about Hotel Clover’s program for upcoming designers and students of the hospitality industry from the local and worldwide.

” We want to ensure everyone gets a chance to shine in this industry and we do that with our staff. Typically, there isn’t much freedom to bend in established hotel brands but since we are small, we are trying to make it all our own.

Eclectic and visionary are symmetrical to Hotel Clover’s presence in one of Thailand’s busiest districts. By giving off the feeling of absolute comfort, luxury, and youth.Staying Stylish and chic in the arms of uncostly splendour is what defines the perfection of having a #hotelclover moment.

EIC: Derek Warburton | Article Written by: Cyan Leigh Dacasin | Photographer: Beatrice Stoian | Art Director: Alexander Silkin
Images shot on location at Hotel Clover Asoke
9 1 Soi Sukhumvit 16, Khlong Toei Nuea, Khet Khlong Toei, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand
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