STEPPING INTO HER POWER – POP artist YELLACATT shares why “It’s never too late”

by | Feb 15, 2023

By Ashley Foster

The vivacious new artist in electric pop, is not slowing down anytime soon as she opens up to Mr Warburton magazine on the alchemy of it all. From an early age Daniella White, aka YellaCatt always had the musical aptitude in her heart. Drumming to her own beat, she followed the rhythm of her spirit to guide her in what ultimately has spawned into a mystical, honeyed electronic sound that she can call her own.

Influenced by such genres from the blues to rock to electronica, YellaCatt reflects on her love for iconic rock bands such as The Doors and Led Zeppelin. “I was heavy into rock,” says the artist. “I still plan on doing a rock song one day, where I just really belt it out, you know.” As the lead singer in several indie rock bands back in her hometown Seattle, surprisingly she lacked the confidence to pursue her passions at first.

Gripped by self doubt and fear it wasn’t until she parted ways with her local band in 2004 that she really began to truly step into her artistry. “I took Reiki, and trained as a sound healer,” she says. “I studied ragas and really started to develop my vocal range.” Unbeknownst to her, the spiritual journey of opening heart first, and securing her self-worth unleashed a capacity to love and the unstoppable force of her creativity.


In an exclusive interview for Mr Warburton magazine, YellaCatt describes what it is like as a new artist and stepping into her power:

MRW: What helped you step into your power?

YC: It’s been a long process. I broke up with my rock band in 2004. That was a deeply uprooting difficult situation. I lost my musical family. It led me into a situation where I was searching for healing. I became a sound healer and reiki master and embarked on my path of personal healing from there. I started working with my producer, Jonathan Hakakian (better known as Jonny Joon). He really helped open me up musically. Taught me alot about different notes that I can use. Although, there hasn’t been one event that empowered me. It’s been a journey of a lifetime.

MRW: When did you know you were special, different from the others?

YC: I grew up singing. It was always my passion to be a singer but I didn’t actually believe I could do it for the longest time. It was almost heartbreaking! I remember watching an MTV concert and watching the artist Jewel perform in front of thousands of people and it made me cry. I wasn’t musically trained. I was a gymnast growing up, you know. I eventually started writing music with musicians and playing shows. But it really took me a minute to believe I could do it.

MRW: How did you develop your musical skills?

YC: I studied jazz singing a bit in college. I took vocal lessons from an east Indian woman. We sang Ragas (in Indian music), a pattern of notes having characteristic intervals, rhythms, and embellishments, used as a basis for improvisation. She kind of helped me develop my vocal scales. Then it really happened while I was working with my rock band in the early 2000’s. We would jam for hours! It was great. I would take those good parts and turn them into songs. I always wrote poetry so it came natural to me to write in my lead vocals.

MRW: How has your sound evolved over the years?

YC: I just became more thoughtful. I’m not trying to go down into any dramatic emotional fold like I used too. I had this one single called, “Bleed for you.” I used to have a lot of drama in my 20’s. I’m trying to be more thoughtful and inspirational and constructive about the things I talk about now. Instead of playing roles like the wounded woman. I want to be more constructive. I really want to just inspire people.

MRW: What song was the most difficult for you to write?

YC: “Drums of Fate” was the most challenging. It was interesting working with my producer, he was kind of hard on me. “You can do better,” he would say. There was a moment I was like omg, fuck you! Screw you! But he was right. I took the song back and worked on it and that song is a real heart opener. The process was more challenging, in that I was challenged by my producer. I had to dig deeper and came out with something that I’m really proud of.

MRW: What has been your biggest career highlight so far?

YC: Making my video for “The Show” my latest song. We’re super proud of that. That is an example of the whole team wanting to express themselves at their highest level and having the freedom to do that. The end, we made an amazing final work of art.

The team of artists the singer is referring to is photographer, director and best friend, Sequoia Emmanuelle, L.A based stylist mastermind, Melvin Sanders, hair Stylist, Pavi Olivarez and world renowned makeup artist Roshar.

Debut 2023

New year is here and music enthusiasts want to know what to expect from YellaCatt in 2023. Never one to disappoint, fans will be thrilled to know her newest EP is dropping in February called Venus in Scorpio. “It’s totally different from all my other songs, way more soft and sensual and dreamy” she says. Jonathan and I worked from a track he worked on a while ago and brought it into the YellaCatt format.

The title says it all, depicting death and rebirth, the story of her life. “In astrology it’s not the best placement, but I’m working with it.” Venus is the love planet and Scorpio is the planet of death and rebirth. “Going through all these relationships that take me through this place of death and rebirth and then I’m reborn. A lot of themes in my life.”

On March 16th, she will be touring with Jasmine Crow at the iconic venue “The Whiskey.” Where the likes of The Doors, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica and other rock legends have played on stage. Aficionados can also expect a West Coast Tour in June through Salt Lake City, New Mexico and Arizona. For more information on YellaCatt, tour dates and music, click


Photos by Sequoia Emmanuelle | Styling Melvin Sanders  | Makeup by Roshar  | Hair Marisa Pinuelas

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