Visionnaire Home Philosophy will Present Japanese Inspired Yūgen Showcase at Milan Design Week

by | Feb 10, 2023

By Cyan Leigh Dacasin

Visionnaire Home Philosophy 2019

2023 is another round of celebration for Visionnaire Home Philosophy, the Italian brand marks its 61st year with its annual participation in Salone del Mobile ( Milan Design Week) happening on April 18-23. The company has been involved with the fair since 1961, contributing to its historic success and internationalization. 

Visionnaire Home Philosophy’s home base has always been in Bologna since 1959, and since then, it became a meta-luxury brand of reference in the sector of interior design that’s always been Italian, to its very core. Made in Italy, is renowned for its one-of-a-kind design prowess tailored to respond to the desires of its clients. Its latest showcase, Yūgen is the brand’s latest project that demonstrates its evolving creativity.

Yūgen, according to the principles of Japanese Aesthetics is expressed as a mysterious profundity that delves deep into the universe’s beauty. It consists of finding our place in the world and feeling completely part of the space we live in by identifying with it.
It is partially a container and content at the same time, and its magic implies that space is never fixed but always open to what it could become. Yūgen reminds us that we can live in harmony with the beauty that surrounds us, starting with the space of our home.

Check out Salone del Mobile’s Visionnaire Showcase at:
Pav 5, Booth L11 – M06
Rho Fiera, Milan
9:30 – 18:30

For more on Visionnaire Home Philosophy:

Visionnaire Design Gallery
Piazza Cavour 3, Milan

10:00 – 19:00